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Title: Question for Logia or another that may know
Post by: Nick_A on April 08, 2011, 04:32:20 pm
Hi all

I used to post on GrateWire but it has become a zoo supporting the low forms of racial and sexist bigotry.  The attacks on Sarah's female parts and functions were the last straw.

In the future I'd like to participate on a more substantial site so I'll search around.  Perhaps you know of one that is fairly active.

For example, I'd like to discuss the implications of Julia Haslett's interview concerning her Simone Weil documentary.  A spiritual conservative could respond but I cannot see how a secularist could.  That doesn't mean they cannot but only that I don't understand yet how they could.


               This article can be found in Issue 5 of Vhcle Magazine.    2011: The Search for Simone Weil
 ...................design fashion film music art photography global notes life  I asked Anna Brown, one of the characters in my film who is herself, a very committed activist, about how she made it to middle-age with her optimism and well-being intact. She replied - by being in community. It is her community that gives her strength and helps her stand firm in her political and moral convictions. Simone Weil was a firm believer in the individual and herself largely eschewed community. The question is, can you retain your individuality while existing in a functioning community, family, or relationship? Do communities/systems of people always have to grow more dogmatic, coercive, and exclusive over time? I myself struggle with this very question.
More than anything, it appears that the mainstream media is falling down on the job and refusing to ask the difficult questions their societal role required of them. Weil's insistence on speaking truth to power and constantly questioning the status quo was what we needed more of at that time, and still do. She also wrote that even if we can't prevent the forces of tyranny from prevailing, we can at least "understand the force by which we are crushed." And in a sense, my documenting of that time was an attempt to do just that. And, if nothing else, preserve a record of it for future generations.

I can understand from a Christian perspective how one can be in the world but not of it.  But the God of secularism is society itself. Plato called it the "Beast."  From this perspective one is both of the world and in the world.  Secularism cannot "understand the force by which we are crushed," simply because doing so requires an appreciation for the collective  loss of help from above for the human psych in the form of "grace."

I prefer discussing this level of politics.  I'll leave the eternal question of whose momma sucks to GrateWire and other such sites.  But where do those go to discuss the deeper questions of politics as an expression of an evolving or devolving society?  Any suggestions?